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We couldn’t stay away

Although we were supposed to halt our weekly activities, we just couldn’t stay away from the hype of the Korean tech scene. We are back, with a bit a of simpler format, bringing you the newest bites of what’s going on in the Land of Morning Calm

Subjective News Headlines

A week in investment

  • Barogo (Delivery logistics) - USD71.2M USD series C from 11Street, CJ Group, LB Investment, YG Investment, Shinhan Venture Investment

  • Fastfive (Coworking space) - USD26.7M series E from Aarden Partners, CL Partners, Kakao Investment, Korea Development Bank, T.S. Investment, Korea Investment Partners, Atinum Investment

  • Twinny (self-operating robot) - USD 15.1M series B from Mirae Asset Capital, Log Investment, IBK Capital, YG Investment, IGIS Investment Partners, Pentastone Investment, Tiger Tech Investment, Hyundai Motor Securities

  • Yipscell (Biotechnology) - USD 10.7M series A

  • Motov (Mobility Advertisement) - USD 9.8M series B from Altos Ventures, TBT, Korea Development Bank, ID Ventures, Mirae Asset Capital, NauIB

  • Ringle English Education Service - USD 8.9M series A from Must Asset Management, One Asset Management, Xolon Investment, MoCA Ventures

  • VivaWave (hince) (makeup brand) - USD 8.9M series B from Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Premier Partners, CJ Olive Young

  • E-pop Sport (Say Voca) (AI English language app) - USD 8.9M series A from Atinum Investment, Bon Angels

  • Medistream (Traditional Chinese medicine platform) - USD 4.9M series A from KB Investment, Hana Ventures, Shinhan Venture Investment

  • NewNeek (contents platform) - USD 2.2M series A from Kakao Ventures, Shinhan Capital

  • H-Energy (Energy sharing platform) - USD 1.9M series A from KB Investment, DaDam Investment