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It’s always sunny in Seoul

At least in June, before the rainy season hits in.

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Subjective News Headlines

A week in investment

  • Brave Mobile (Soomgo) (service/freelancer matching marketplace) - USD28.5M series C from IMM Investment, Strong Ventures, TBT, Atinum Investment, Korea Development Bank, Lakewood Partners, We Ventures, IBX Partners

  • Cookat (What do we eat today?) (Foodie platform) - USD28.5M series D from LB Investment, Timewise Investment, Premier Partners, TS Investment, Mirae Asset Venture Investment, Ajou IB Investment, Tony Investment, KT Investment, Signite Partners

  • Drimaes (In-vehicle infotainment) - USD11.1M series A from Partners Investment, Medici Investment, Mando Corporation, STIC Ventures, Korea Development Bank

  • WhaTap Labs (SaaS Cloud services) - USD10.7M series B from KB Investment, Altos Ventures, Lee Ventures, KTB Network, K2 Investment, Maple Investment Partners

  • Motiv Intelligence (ad-tech) - USD8.9M series C from Woori Bank, Visionequity Partner, Korea Investment Partners, IBK Investment Capital

  • Extriber (Travel price comparison) - USD4.5M series B from KB Investment, Kakao Ventures

  • VSI (Vehicle semiconductors) - USD3.6M series A from Korea Investment Partners, GU Equity, Quantum Ventures

  • Vinssen (Ship/boat manufacturing technology) - USD2.7M series A from DSC Investment

  • Rincos (Global logistics) - USD2M series A from angel investors

  • Apposter (smart watch) - USD1.8M series A from Soo Investment Capital

  • Fastforward (Domino) (SNS for investors) - USD1.2M series A from Korea Investment Partners, Spring Camp